domenica 20 luglio 2014

PDC World Matchplay 2014 - dal 19 al 27 Luglio 2014 - Live Streaming


Phil "The Power" Taylor: 9 dart finish!!!

DAY 6 :
Giovedì 24 Luglio
Sessione Serale (7pm-11pm) 
+1h per l'Italia
James Wade 10-16 Simon Whitlock
Michael van Gerwen 16-12 Dave Chisnall

DAY 7 :
Venerdì 25 Luglio
Sessione Serale (7pm-11pm) 
+1h per l'Italia
Gary Anderson 16-8 Adrian Lewis
Phil Taylor 16-6 Wes Newton

DAY 8 :
Saturday July 26
Sessione Serale (7pm-10pm) +1h per l'Italia
Michael van Gerwen 17-13 Simon Whitlock
Phil Taylor 17-15 Gary Anderson

DAY 9 :
Sunday July 27
Sessione Serale (7pm) +1h per l'Italia
Michael van Gerwen 9-18 Phil Taylor

First Round - Best of 19 legs
Second Round - Best of 25 legs
Quarter-Finals - Best of 31 legs
Semi-Finals - Best of 33 legs
Final - Best of 35 legs
* Each game must be won by two clear legs, with up to a maximum of five additional legs being played before the sixth "extra" leg is sudden-death. There will be no re-throw for the bull in this instance.
For example, should a First Round game (best of 19 legs) reach 12-12, then the 25th leg would be the final and deciding leg.

2014 BetVictor World Matchplay
Schedule of Play

DAY 1 :
Saturday July 19Sessione Serale (7pm-11pm) +1h per l'Italia
First Round
Ian White 10-4 Terry Jenkins
Simon Whitlock 10-6 Kevin Painter
Michael van Gerwen 10-7 Steve Beaton
James Wade 10-5 Andy Smith

DAY 2 :
Sunday July 20
Sessione Pomeridiana (1pm-5pm) 
+1h per l'Italia
First Round
Dave Chisnall 10-4 Dean Winstanley
Brendan Dolan 4-10 Richie Burnett
Robert Thornton 8-10 Paul Nicholson
Andy Hamilton 10-3 Wayne Jones

DAY 2 :
Sessione Serale (7pm-11pm) +1h per l'Italia
First Round
Justin Pipe 8-10 Michael Smith
Wes Newton 11-9 Ronnie Baxter
Phil Taylor 10-4 Darren Webster
Raymond van Barneveld 10-4 Vincent van der Voort

DAY 3 :
Monday July 21Sessione Serale (7pm-11pm) +1h per l'Italia
First Round
Peter Wright 6-10 Stephen Bunting
Mervyn King 10-4 Kim Huybrechts
Adrian Lewis 10-0 Andrew Gilding
Gary Anderson 10-8 Jamie Caven

DAY 4 :
Martedì 22 LuglioSessione Serale (7pm-12am) +1h per l'Italia
Second Round
Andy Hamilton 10-13 Dave Chisnall
James Wade 13-2 Richie Burnett
Michael van Gerwen 13-4 Ian White
Simon Whitlock 13-8 Raymond van Barneveld

DAY 5 :
Mercoledì 23 LuglioSessione Serale (7pm-12am) +1h per l'Italia
Second Round
Paul Nicholson 13-15 Wes Newton
Stephen Bunting 8-13 Gary Anderson
Phil Taylor 13-6 Michael Smith
Adrian Lewis 13-8 Mervyn King

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